It was nice, shopping in Lima, shopping centre by the sea in Miraflores, gorgeous alpaca wool, boutiques, we shopped for gifts and she laughed, ‘it’s going to be the middle of summer when we take these back’, but they were gorgeous and the shops were I was OK, it was nice in Lima dazzling chaos shreds of screaming white shopping in Lima it was nice by the sea in Miraflores, she laughed, midsummer by the time we get these back, happy, dazzling white screaming in Lima, it was nice, shopping, laughing

How can the ground be so far away, these hands, clumsy and huge, on this lap, how have I not slipped and fallen to that ground, so far away, this bench sloping forward so, vertigo snowstorm of sunlight, dazzling dappling, splintering the world senseless, shredded screaming white light, he’ll be here soon, how can the ground be so far away, a cliff drop, a chasm, so easy to fall, to jump

It’s OK, he brought me back my scarf in midsummer, it’s gorgeous I’m OK, you know the one, his luggage was ‘redirected’, impounded, released, they’d torn open all our presents so we got them late but you know my scarf, it’s gorgeous, he’ll love it, and it’s kinda funny, piercing white shredded light snowstorm 

There’s all these ants here, I bet no one else has noticed. Funny, the way you can model synaptic networks on ant colony behaviour.

Sit up, world swings down, turn head, world spins around, I am stable a fixed point, world wheeling about my axis, poor transmission, degraded signal sunlight cascading chaotic, why am I sitting here (he’ll be here soon), want to go home, should get up cross the road the cars don’t speed fast enough on that road bridges nearby? Check Google, ‘suicide hotspot London’ haha! Wikipedia article, Jesus that’s stupid of them, nothing nearby HOME GO HOME (the train approaching platform two does not stop at this station. Please stand behind the yellow lines) DON’T MOVE STAY WAIT needles of sunlight pouring down jingle jangle I’m OK shopping in Miraflores alpaca wool so soft, it’ll be midsummer soon he’ll be here soon

Miraflores, dark wood, I’m OK shopping for alpaca wool, it was nice, he’s here, oh thank god thank christ thank god he holds me.

“i feel strange”

“Home or A&E?”


Hand in hand. Slow.

Go home.


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