Inspired absurdity

Just cool stuff from the Internet this week.

Shall I make this a thing? It could be a thing.

Maybe I’ll make it a thing.

Good stuff I read this week

An article in the FT (yup, that FT) on how privatisation has failed the UK. The style’s enjoyable, probably as it’s an excerpt from an upcoming book.

Wired on what randomness looks like, which includes the first explanation of Poisson distributions which I’ve ever understood.

What are the threats posed by superintelligent AIs? I’d read about this in the New Yorker before now (also a good article). Can you tell I’m generally something of a pessimist?

There was also the news that we’re pumping out even more climate-destroying amounts of CO2 than we’d feared before but honestly I can’t read stories like that without getting a little suicidal (I’m not even kidding here), so my response to such news is to put my fingers in my ears and go ‘lalalalala’

Daft stuff I’ve seen this week

People respond to Apple forcing a U2 album on them – ‘Who is U2‘?

Classic children’s books from yesteryear, which obviously harks to this bit of inspired absurdity


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