I’m fine now, thank you.

I settled I think around a year ago. A few stumbles, but nothing more than the weakness of walking after so long lame. Tentative steps forward, slow increase in confidence, a trip soon righted. So I’m fine now, thank you.

I’m about to start full time work again; it’s been so long since I had a decent income that I’m dizzy at the prospect. It’ll be good to finally fill my days, find new people. I miss it; I know you all complain about mondays but believe me you don’t want every day to be like sunday.

I started this blog years ago, an attempt at maybe a science blog focusing on psychology and neuropsych. Three posts at most before it all dried up.

Picked it up again as the psychic tremors of 2014 began to rumble, and it turned into a de-facto mental health blog, mostly therapy for me; it’s been at times mournful, daft, furious. Puzzled, joyful, despondent. Scared.

The white hot heat of my mixed episode abated, leaving throbbing red wounds; the writing abated. And I’m fine now, thank you.


I think it’s time for a retrospective.

Watch this space.


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