Amusing incidentals


I’m currently trying (and mostly failing) to make actual money from the whole writing gig. To this end I’ve spent a lot of time in my room, at my computer, occasionally cursing the fact that I can’t afford bus fare, let alone a laptop.

On a whim I decided to set up a GoFundMe for a nice portable laptop I could… I dunno, sit in the kitchen with (because seriously, if you can’t afford bus fare you sure as hell can’t afford a latte). Having nothing but a load of old words to give, I offered a load of old words in exchange for money, which I would then use to buy goods and services a laptop.

I really didn’t expect it to go anywhere, but it kinda has…

So I figure it’d be cool to collate all the stories / bit and pieces of stuff I’m gonna write for people in exchange for this, and put them on this here blog (donor willing, of course). Also, I’m aware that there are apparently a few readers of this blog that aren’t long-suffering friends on Facebook, and this might be the first you know of the fundraiser – in which case go! Read! It’s funny! I amuse myself in the writing and the updates! Some money would be nice (obviously) but what would be more nice is people looking at me being amusing and being amused. Go! Give me purpose.